Awards I Won

Thank you to all those out there who awarded me these lovely awards for my achievements. I'm proud to have this page, as it symbolises some of the great things I have achieved because of my dedication to Chibi Land. Most awards were obtained during the first year this site established, as I haven't applied for many during the years after.


9/12/08: Best Use of Color Runner Up from Deep Submerge Awards
25/7/08: Eternal Sailor Senshi Award from Manga-Angels
26/6/08: Kirari-PGSM Princess Award from


22/1/07: Award of Excellence from Dreamlight Destiny (site closed)


12/6/06: Outstanding Site Award from SSC


4/11/05: November Site of the Month from Moonlit-Fantasia (site closed)
18/10/05: Eternal Moon Award from Moonlit-Fantasia (site closed)
14/9/05 Gold Award from Crystal Tokyo (site closed)
28/9/05 A Gold Award from The Oracle
27/9/05 Excellent Site Award from Mizu Awa (site closed)
23/1/05 A Silver Award from The Oracle


5/4/04 A Spectacular Site Award awarded by (site closed)


26/7/03 Creative Site Award from Kakyu's Castle (site closed)
29/3/03 World's Greatest Site awarded by Tiff (site closed)
29/3/03 Simply Fun Award from ASH (site closed)
26/1/03 A Shining SM Site Award from Sailor V BABE (site closed)
Anime Site Award for the Best Fan Art Section Category (site closed)

2002: Anime Site Award

2002 ASA Best Kawaii Site Category Awarded by ASA (site closed)


9/12/01 Awesome Site Award from TGSR (site closed)
15/9/01 Award of excellence from Bunny's Hideaway (site closed)
27/11/01 Eye Spy award
27/11/01 Manga Whiz
27/11/01 Totally Kawaii Award awarded by Anime Paradise (site closed)
26/11/01 One of the Best Site Award awarded by Katie (site closed)
25/11/01 I have hearts in my eyes
17/11/01 Ultimate Award from Guardian Angel (site closed)
9/11/01 Angelica Award from Goddess Silver
9/10/01 ParaPara’s Cute Site Award from ParaPara's home (site closed)
9/10/01The Super Kawaii Award
3/10/01 October Month Award from Lady Venus (site closed)
1/10/01Cheerful Site Award from Eternal Pink (site closed)
1/10/01 Senshi leader award from Sailor Gundam (site closed)
1/9/01 Romance Award from Sailor Gundam (site closed)
27/8/01 Extremely Kawaii Site Award from DP (site closed)
21/7/01 Kawaii Award from Awoken Destruction
12/8/01 Kewl Site Award
12/8/01 Romance Award from Deidres Moon (site closed)

Awards for my Fan Art

10/11/05 Thank You Award for Mini Manga from TRSE
11/7/03 My Chibi Galaxia and Chibi Sailormoon artwork came:
1st Place in the Drawing Contest from Sailor Senshi Unite
1st in the Drawing Contest from Stars of Serenity (site closed)
17/11/01 Fan Art Award from Awoken Destruction

Thank You Awards

25/7/01 Special Thanks Award from Cammy